Three Fresh and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas From an Expert Remodeler

Getting an Excited and Fresh-Looking Bathroom

With temperatures warming up and after a few weeks spent mostly indoors, we’re itching for a little sunshine and summer fun. That got us thinking about some summer bathroom remodeling projects and trends that can add a little life and excitement to your bathroom. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom this summer, here are 3 fresh and affordable bathroom remodeling ideas from a remodeling service provider to get you started.

Change up the color

Light pastels and bright colors are generally associated with summertime — like bold yellows and oranges that remind you of the sun or subtle periwinkle that matches the hydrangea growing in the backyard. Sometimes a fresh new color can help add a summer vibe to your bathroom. There are a variety of ways to update the color of your bathroom, ranging from simple and quick to more time and cost-intensive projects.

Add floral and natural elements

If you’re anything like us, you crave getting outdoors and making the most of all the awesome lakes, rivers, and hiking trails Wisconsin has to offer during the summer months. All the flowers, greenery, and trees glistening against the sun are extra beautiful after months of snow, slush, and cold. Why not replicate that in your bathroom? Bringing some of the outdoors inside can be a great way to capture the vibrance and freshness of summer.

Include a Shower Bench

Make your walk-in shower stand out with custom seating. A built-in shower bench is a great way to improve the luxury of your bathroom while also getting more in-shower storage. It also makes your bathroom more accessible for future buyers. In addition, have your built-in shower bench match the surrounding tile, or add a patterned tile to make it a stylish and functional bathroom accent piece!

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